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Information about Farin Urlaub

Jan Vetter-Marciniak, or as we know him, Farin Urlaub, was brought into this world on the 27th of October, 1963 in Berlin, Deuchland. Not much is known about his childhood, but he grew up with sister Julia. In 1984 he passed Secondary College with a grading of 2 (1=best, 6=worst so that is about a B).

His stage name is a silly name. Farin is short for "Farh in", which means "Go on", Urlaub means "Vacation". Put them together and you get? Go on vacation. Vacating is one of Farin's favorite hobbies (hobby? I wish I could go on vacation and call it a hobby).

His musical career started from the age of ten when his parents gave him a guitar for his birthday. He play and played and finally had to get a tutor to teach him. He performed at the age of 13 and hasn't stopped since.

Farin's heart and passion for Punk only started after he left Germany. It was on a trip to London, the Punk Capital of the world, that Farin really discovered Punk. As soon as he got back to Germany he found the local punk scene and hasn't left in since. He immediately sold his guitar and purchased a big swankie electric guitar, this is really where Die Ärzte starts. From here he tried to go to as many punk concerts and performances as he possible could, until one day he bumped into Bela B. Their heads crashed together on the dance floor and then the dream became a reality.

Farin is a weird punk! He is a man of the world and he's very educated. He knows five different languages, Latin, English, French, Portuguese and of course German. Farin, the brain-e-ack, is the smart one of Die Ärzte and he has the skills to prove it. He is a great fan of Art and Literature and he reads to improve his wide knowledge of everything and anything. In the song Ich weiß nicht (ob es Liebe ist) Farin Urlaub says

I wanted to talk to you about literature
And about love, but you only laughed

Which indicates that of his love for Litrature as the song is to some one he cares for. He is a vegetarian, he does not smoke and drinks tea and milk instead of alcohol. He does not have any piercing or tatoos. He is a pacifist, but he is a good kick boxer. One of his passions is that for the guitar and he is very conscious of environment matters. He has a great passion for glasses.

Farin is a very quiet man. He has been in fights with members of the press over their persistence with his life. This is why not much is known about his private life. He moved from Berlin and he shares a house with his dog in a village near Hamburg.

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