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Farin and Die Ärzte links

The English Sights

An Australian Fan Page of the German Band Die Ärzte
This is the best Die Ärzte page. To think that Die Ärzte has crossed Oceans get to this guy in Australia. A great sight with pics, sounds, the largest collection of singable translations on the web and a lot more. A tops page.

The Schattenreich
Are you ready to enter the Schattenreich?!? This page has the most English translations on the whole web. It is amazing. It has translations to almost every song that Die Ärzte have ever produced. I fantastic sight.

Stacy and Geneva's Die Ärzte Universe at
One of the best DÄ pages on the web, and It's in English! It has DÄ games, screen savers, themes, a weird Deuchrock dragon, a truck load of MIDI's, free e-mail and sub-domains, and a fuck load more.

Stefan Üblackerīs Wunderbare Welt - Die Ärzte Fansite !
Another great sight. You want history? Go here. It tell it all. It also has the most translated interviews and articles than anyone else. Very well worth the visit.

Die Arzte Shrine
Yet another Shrine to the best band on the world. This one has a lot of great stuff. It is really the best

The Offical sights

DÄ Offical
This is the place to go if you want info about DÄ. It is Die Ärzte page of pages. It has the latest info on what's happening. Tour dates. Sneak peeks on what's happening backstage with Die Ärzte. From here you can even e-mail the guys themselves.

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