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The Paul McDermott WebRing!
The Paul McDermott WebRing

Thinking about joing the Paul Mc Dermott web ring are ya? What a mighty fine thing to do. I would. Only if I had thought of it first, which I did. So I set it up. Which probiblay explains why I am the first person to get there name in light. Anyway. I'll shut up now and let you get on with it. Confused yet? I am If I'm going to let you be accepted to the Paul McDermott web ring only if your page can pass this easy test

  • Your page MUST be about Paul McDermott. It can be also about D*A*A*S, GNW, Mosh or anyhtinbg else about Paul, as long as it is about him
  • Your page MUST be a page of worth while content. No silly stupid "one page of crap" pages wil l be alowed
  • You're going to have to place a ring fragment (it's an image map) on your MAIN index.html page. Just make sure everyone can see the link clearly enough.

That's it for that, then.
To sign up, click here and follow the directions.
After you've been added to the RING, not the QUEUE, click here enter in your site ID number and password to make any changes. Once you add you're site to the list I'll mail you a HTML fragment and you can put it on you're page. Perferabily whereI can see it. Either on you're main page or on a links page. It looks like this
I'll be checking EVERYONE'S page to make sure that the fragment is on their page, and if it's not on there within a WEEK (7DAYS) their site will be placed BACK into the QUEUE where it will remain for 90 days, after which will be COMPLETEY removed from the webring, ID number and all, if the ring fragment is STILL not on their page. You can sign up again, no problem, but you'll have to re-submit everything and get a new ID number.


I think that's about it! If you wanna see the list of sites already in the ring, click here!

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